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5 New Finishing Options for Your Business Cards

The days of simple typography and providing only necessary information on your business card are over. Modern design uses every centimeter, from every angle, of your card to make a lasting impression on your contacts. Printing finishes are one way to enhance the look of your existing card, or inspire you to build a completely new model. From the paper thickness to the materials used to the way the finished card feels in your hand, no element can be overlooked.

What you Need to Know before Choosing Labels for your Business

Choosing the best label for your business first depends on the purpose of the label. Designed to enhance your brand image, Solution Graphics has developed custom labels for everything you can think of. And because we are label professionals, we have mastered the methods and construction of the face stock, adhesive and liner options available to ensure our customers get exactly what they are looking for.

5 Reasons to Promote Your Business with a Creative Flyer

While there are many ways to promote a business, creating a flyer is one of the most affordable and effective methods available. Used in a range of promotional campaigns to promote goods, services, events and brands, the main goal of a flyer is to inform customers and/or businesses about new products and special deals.

Designed to attract attention, build interest and persuade the customer to purchase the product or service, flyers are typically distributed in public places, often times targeting specific locations and certain types of people to best fit the marketing campaign. Flyers are most often used at trade shows as a commercial flyer, such as one for an event or store opening, or for business promotions and offers.


Typography is the practical and artistic arrangement of type and printing with type. A fine art, typography includes calligraphy, digital type, type on web pages, type designers who create new letterforms and designers and calligraphers who use the letters as part of their designs.

Inclusive of both the actual typeface and the whitespace around it, typography makes the most of extraordinary design detailing when creating logos, banners, web graphics, business letterhead, advertising and product packaging. Crucial to almost all design projects, it is important to understand the basics surrounding typography.

Custom Calendars

Custom, printed calendars are a great way to thank your customers for their business, and keep your company’s name on their minds year round. With the right amount of planning, this simple marketing strategy can help your business reap the benefits all year.

When choosing a design for your custom calendar, take into consideration both the type of business you have, as well as the type of customers. You want your calendar to be something they can use in their home all year, so by supplying them with something that appeals to their tastes, you increase the chance it will be used regularly.

The Importance of Customer Service

The way the customer is treated, from the very first interaction to very last, falls into the spectrum of customer service. And this interaction could take place anywhere. It could be when the customer searches for your webpage, when they call to schedule an appointment or when their product is delivered. In order to create a truly satisfied experience, you have to be constantly looking to build meaningful customer relationships, something we strive to do at Solutions Graphics.

Small Business Printing

Having been the main method of advertising for years, print advertising has been perfected. It can be meticulously planned, and a certain level of results can be expected based on what we have learned from print advertising in the past. In relation to online advertising, print is just as convenient, however more approachable to a wider audience base.

For Your Information – The Guide to Creating a Great Brochure

It might seem as though brochures have gone to the wayside with all the digital media currently being used, but like we have said about direct mail, it is still a functional and effective method of advertising. The enjoyment of physically holding the material, reading it over, and holding onto it for future reference, cannot ever be fully replaced by the digital world and is one of the reasons why printed brochures continue to be effective marketing tools.

Marketing with Newsletters

Newsletters can be an excellent way to communicate information for your business. They are short, compact publications that give your business a way to informally communicate important news to a specific audience about the company, its products, services or employees. Typically scheduled on a monthly or quarterly basis, newsletters are prepared throughout the year and geared toward a specific industry or local community.

The Importance of Business Cards

While it might seem out of place in our technology era, business cards are still an important asset to have on hand. Regardless of the skill or nature of the business, being able to hand someone a business card as you meet them is valuable. It sends the message that you are a professional in your field and serious about the position or job. Business cards also remain the fastest way to relay all of the information people will need to get in contact with you in the future.